Sales and Marketing Alignment is Easier than You Think

Get ready to shake up how you’ve been doing it, taking it much further.

Lance Walter, CMO of Neo4J, walks us through the difference between hearing and listening, as well as how sales and marketing can integrate with a lot of success in an organization. The code is right in front of you. Get ready to shake up how you’ve been doing it somewhat successfully to taking it much further.

About our guest, Lance Walter:

Lance Walter has two decades of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing experience. Lance started his career in technical roles at Oracle Corporation supporting enterprise relational database deployments. Since then, Lance has worked at industry leaders like Siebel Systems and Business Objects, as well as successful startups including Onlink (acquired by Siebel Systems), Pentaho (acquired by Hitachi Data Systems), Aria Systems, Capriza. Lance’s first experience with alternative database platforms was at Arbor Software, the pioneer of the multi-dimensional database / OLAP market.

Twitter: @lancewalter

October 9, 2019