Making the Jump from Sales Enablement to Revenue Acceleration

Learn how you get the whole company involved in selling.

How do the best companies in B2B scale and empower their teams to have the right discussions and what does good look like in enterprise B2B sales? To get the answers we turn to this week’s guest, Doug Landis, growth partner at Emergence Capital. Doug is a veteran of Box, Google, Salesforce, and Oracle and he talks about the misconception around sales enablement, how you get the whole company involved in selling, and why empathy is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal to build relationships and drive results.

About our guest, Doug Landis:

Over the last 13 years, Emcap has invested in some of the biggest and brightest SaaS companies on the planet. During this time the team has gathered remarkable insights into the critical steps necessary to build a multi-billion dollar business. Doug Landis is there to help capture, elevate and share this wisdom with the Emcap portfolio companies and the greater SaaS community at large.

As a Growth Partner, his charter is to create a platform to create and share go to market insights and strategies that will help their portfolio companies scale, grow and ultimately become the next billion-dollar SaaS company.

August 21, 2019