The Expansion Sale

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both.” The choice that faces companies today is a similar one faced by Robert Frost in ‘The Road Not Taken.’ Do they take the road most traveled and chase new customers, or should they take the less-traveled route and expand in existing accounts? 80% of companies surveyed by my guest Tim Reisterer from Corporate Visions, spend 70% of their sales & marketing budget on demand gen, content & sales enablement. That leaves only 30% for retention and expansion activities. In a remote-only world, new customer acquisition is challenging, so organizations need to focus on how they can expand in existing accounts. Tim outlines the five-step ‘why evolve’ model from his book ‘The Expansion Sale’ and the role of Customer Success as ‘Value Communicators.’ He is also giving away a free copy of ‘The Expansion Sale’ to one of our listeners. Listen in to find out how to win.  

About Tim Riesterer:

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions, is dedicated to improving the messages marketing creates for the field and the conversations salespeople have with prospects and customers. A visionary thought leader, keynote speaker, and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales management, Riesterer is co-author of three books, including Customer Message Management, Conversations That Win the Complex Sale, and The Three Value Conversations.

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