Women In Revenue – What it Takes to Attract and Retain the Top Talent

Learn why those that know how to recruit win, over those that don’t.

In this session, host Patrick Morrissey interviews Tracy Eiler about what it takes to attract and retain women in revenue.

Top players that increase revenue are in demand, be it attendance at a professional game or products sold in B2B. Recruiting top revenue creators is taking on a new urgency as companies realize there is competition for talent and those that know how to recruit win over those that don’t know it is a skill.

Specifically, many companies have found that women in revenue creation and management often are judged to be especially prized as a recent report from CSO Insights – 2018-2019 SALES PERFORMANCE STUDY specifically points out. This is an annual survey of nearly 900 B2B companies that says women in revenue are especially sought and valued.

March 28, 2019