Why and How to Design an Actionable Account Planning Program

Learn why and how B2B companies need an account planning program.

Patrick Morrissey, General Manager of Altify, and host of Revenue Optimization Radio tackles why and how B2B companies need an account planning program. Morrissey quotes a McKinsey & Company five-year study that looked at annual growth rates and total return to shareholders for those that take a digital approach to account planning. They found that growth and return are double than those firms that don’t do it. It is a full 100 increase in shareholder return when a company does account planning.

In this podcast Morrissey talks about:

  • What does “good look like” in customer relationships?
  • How to create an actionable account management program
  • What does an organization DO about account planning?
  • Why is account planning a little like having a gym membership? Answer: You know you want to exercise, but you never seem to get around to it as much as you’d like.
  • Why is it that account planning is disconnected from what sales reps or revenue teams are doing on a day to day basis?
  • Why isn’t account planning attached to specific metrics and measurements?
  • Why is there no cadence in an organization to drive customer satisfaction?
    How account planning delivers increased customer satisfaction
  • If account planning is something you are avoiding but want to do, listen to Patrick Morrissey as he lights a fire under your conscience.

October 25, 2019

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