Account-Based Selling: The Winning Strategy for B2B Sales

ABS is vital for B2B sales amid economic challenges. In a webinar, experts discuss its effectiveness and tips for implementation. Essential for navigating today's sales landscape.

Watch this 60-min webinar and learn valuable insights to help you succeed in today’s volatile economic climate.

B2B sales organizations are continuously searching for winning strategies to drive revenue growth and improve their bottom line. According to Forrester’s sales research, sales reps only spent 22.8% of their time on direct selling activities in 2022, compared to 25.1% pre-COVID. Seeing that sales productivity is down, and face-to-face interactions are up, Account-Based Selling (ABS) has emerged as a powerful approach to sales that focuses on targeting high-value accounts with a personalized, high-touch approach.

In this on-demand webinar, Upland Altify’s Nigel Cullington, VP of Marketing, and Travis Hill, Managing Director, and Strategic Consultant talked with Guest Speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst, Anne Slough, to discuss why the current economic climate affects B2B sales and how ABS can be a winning strategy to drive success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a deep dive into best practices for implementing ABS, including how to build an effective account plan, leverage technology to scale your efforts, and measure the impact of your strategy. Whether you’re new to ABS or looking to optimize your current approach, this webinar will provide valuable insights to help you succeed in today’s challenging sales landscape.


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