Upland Customer Success Stories

Project & IT Management Success Stories

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) embarked on a massive Six Sigma initiative and realized over 70% of continuous improvement project savings with PowerSteering.

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Eaton relies on PSA to provide a user-friendly, efficient solution for internal time tracking, project management and workforce coordination in the face of IT and staff restructuring.

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JDA Software

JDA Software uses PSA to manage their resources, to ensure higher billable utilization and project profitability.

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Since re-deploying Eclipse PPM in a greater capacity, AGF now have a cleaner source of information, making discussions easier, allowing for better prioritization of projects.

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With PowerSteering, Pespsico has managed more than 30,000 projects and saved $1B per year for 3 years.

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PPG Industries

PPG Industries uses ComSci to provide IT and business managers with a detailed view of IT products and services, enabling them to track spend, manage IT costs, and increase technology value to internal clients.

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Canadian National Railway

Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) partnered with ComSci and realized 10% annual cost savings by using the unit costs, benchmarking, chargeback and application capabilities of the platform.

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Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Fortune 100 financial services firm worked with ComSci to properly allocate $50MM of IT expenses to the right lines of business.

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Crosspoint Engineering

CrossPoint Engineering leveraged PSA time and expense data capture methods to help the speed and accuracy of the client billing process.

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Workflow Automation Success Stories

Cedarville University

Cedarville University used FileBound to enhance the student experience by digitizing enrollment forms, identifying and helping at-risk students, and streamlining internal communication to allow staff to spend more time working with and counseling students.

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RDO Equipment

RDO Equipment Co. implemented Upland’s FileBound document and workflow automation to manage its centralized accounts payable operation that supports more than 60 locations across nine states.

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In less than six weeks, Vanderfield and FileBound created an AP solution that eliminated the need to transfer documents and invoices and introduced a consistent, standardized process.

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Worldwide Investment Bank

Implemented end-to-end communications system on AccuRoute to conform to SEC17(a) and increase user productivity. The IT and compliance team was applauded by the SEC for its implementation.

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Legal Firm

Forward-Thinking Boston firm of 47 attorneys and 66 support staff, turns to AccuRoute to Digitize Paper and Create All-Electronic Case Files.

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Machining Contract Manufacturer

By using Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP), this contract manufacturer was able to have more effective factory scheduling, reduced costly expediting, improved on-time delivery by 35%, and realized a 40% reduction in their parts inventory investment.

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Medical Device Supplier

By using the Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) from Ultriva, this medical device supplier reduced inventory by nearly 50%, increased turns by nearly 100% by driving suppliers to Kanban, and reduced administrative costs by 50%.

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Fitness Equipment Company

By integrating Ultriva’s Lean Suite with existing versions of its Oracle ERP system, this fitness equipment maker’s supply chain is now operating as a consumption-based replenishment model realizing a 28% decrease in lead times, and a 40% increase in inventory turns.

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Digital Engagement Success Stories


“Leadlander is an indispensable tool for our sales team. We use it every single day to help quickly identify those prospects that are in ‘buying mode’.”

– Jeff Lear, Vice President of Sales, Greenmile

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Through action alerts with Mobile Commons, Greenpeace kept its mobile community engaged with their cause.

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DoSomething.org used the Mobile Commons platform to design an interactive SMS game based off a popular game called “Would You Rather?

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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy grew their list of mobile numbers by about 25,000 in a single month with Mobile Commons.

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Bazaarvoice selects Clickability based on ease-of-use, high performance and scalable architecture, robust responsive design, and trusted-partner approach.

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Swiss Re

Swiss Re turns to Clickabilty for their experienced team, SaaS delivery model, advanced feature set, SLAs of 99.9% uptime, agile feature development and robust template-based content management approach.

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Ciena frees-up IT and selects Clickability CMS for their reliability, ease-of-use, SaaS delivery model, and dynamic publishing capabilities.

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PR Newswire

PR Newswire deploys Clickability Enterprise CMS on an aggressive timeline and with all the required advanced developer tools, integration capabilties, dynamic content, and scalability, reliability – without the need for IT.

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