100% Customer Success is Our Commitment

To enable 100% customer success, we offer a package of programs, services, and commitments we call the Upland Customer Success Program.


Onboarding and Training – Value realization from implementation and beyond

At Upland, we recognize that customer success is not a one-time event. Simply going live with a new Upland solution will not guarantee that you will get full value from it. From the time a purchase decision is made, all the way to steady-state system use and periodic upgrades, Upland is there to guide you through the journey to success.

  • Our Professional Services organization partners with you to ensure a successful implementation. They facilitate a cycle of requirements gathering, design, and configuration of the solution to fit your specific business needs.
  • Once the implementation is ready, our Training Department creates a compelling training plan to ensure that all of your users know how to use the system in the context of your business process, goals, and organizational structure.
  • Our global Support Organization, along with our services group, will stay engaged to ensure that you have access to our solution experts around the clock to address any questions or issues you may run into during the deployment of the solution. Once the solution is in place, Platinum customers continue to receive 24x7x365 support coverage.
  • Our Customer Success Managers help with the strategic direction of the deployment, to identify and resolve any adoption challenges, and to ensure that each customer has a trusted advisor who becomes their champion at Upland.

Customer Success Managers – Driven to deliver 100% customer success

Every customer relationship starts with an Upland Customer Success representative who captures and formalizes your business goals for the Upland application. This representative will translate customer success metrics into measurable, meaningful steps to ensure you achieve your objectives and adapt to changing circumstances. Customers with a Premier Success Plans, have a named representative, who will get to know your business in greater depth and ensure you get the most from your Upland application. This representative conducts structured, periodic business reviews that help drive continuous improvement to ensure you achieve the success you expect.

Premier Success Plans – A plan tailored to your needs

To help Upland customers drive towards their unique success goals, we offer a range of Premier Success Plans that eliminate the need for costly custom services and support and build the foundation for success. Platinum is our top-tier plan, and it provides organizations with the highest level of experience and value throughout your journey with Upland.

Virtual User Conferences – Vital customer communication without disruption

Upland customers are invited to participate in our regular Virtual User Conferences (VUC). These webcasts are customized by product line and provide customers with updated product roadmaps, services and support updates, a product training feature, and the opportunity to provide timely feedback. VUCs are a great way to ensure you stay on top of all that Upland is doing to help you achieve your goals.

Executive Outreach – High-touch customer success goes right to the top

Open customer communication is a key component to driving our goal of 100% Customer Success – and our company leadership is fully committed to making sure you are delighted with your Upland experience. All customers have direct access to their product executives through regular VUCs, where you can ask questions and get a deeper understanding of the strategic direction of our product line. Premier Success Plans customers have an additional level of access to our executive team through semi-annual executive update meetings.

Product Feedback Loop – The core of the Upland product experience

Customer feedback is at the heart of the Upland customer experience. New features are added and prioritized in our product roadmaps and then fine-tuned based on direct customer input. Our Premier Success Plan customers are given additional priority weighting for new features and minor issue resolution. Product feedback outlets include: Customer Success Account Management, Quarterly VUCs, Annual Customer Advisory Boards, and Upland’s Online Communities.

How Do We Measure Customer Success?

The entire organization works together to ensure that every deployment is carried through to successful completion so you can realize the benefits of our solutions in a rapid and measurable way. At the end of the day, we are driven to deliver a top-tier product experience and clear, measurable value from your investment. We use two key metrics to measure our performance: Net Promoter Score and Net Dollar Renewal Rate.

  • NPS: At Upland, we conduct semi-annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys across all of our products and use the feedback to take immediate corrective action and reward our team members for delivering against our commitment to 100% customer success.
  • Net DRR: Net Dollar Retention Rate (Net DRR) is the ultimate reflection of our ability to deliver on our commitments and drive both the long-term customer success and Upland shareholder value.

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