Digital Legal Solutions | Refreshing Records Management and Mailroom Practices

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By Laurie VanDoezelaar, Account Executive | Upland Document Workflow Cloud

2020 has been a challenging year, and law firms across the globe are pivoting to install smarter tech solutions to help them navigate a rapid shift to a digital reality. Whatever the circumstance, firms must ensure business continuity, and embracing Digital Transformation solutions are critical for success.

For firms looking to streamline document-intensive processes, the goal is to improve efficiency, grant busy attorneys and staff more access to case files, and enhance the client experience, which simultaneously gives billable hours a boost as well.

There many specific focus areas in the legal arena that are ideal for putting digital solutions into place, but let’s start with two of our heavy hitters: the records room and the mailroom.

Records and Case Matter Management
No question, law firms are document-driven, and document storage is expensive, time-consuming, and often inefficient. Even in the best of times, paper records are a risk. Critical information can be easily compromised by a security breach, misplaced due to human error, or destroyed due to natural causes like fire or water damage. Since firms are liable for protecting client information, safeguarding content is critical.

Digital records management processes provide a cost-effective, practical solution. Firms can easily scan and submit documents for distribution, storage, and fast retrieval from their existing document management system. Updating to digital records processes also enhances security, drastically reduces storage costs, and dramatically improves data accessibility, which in turn enhances the clients’ experience.

Learn more about Upland’s digital records solutions here.

Digital Mailroom Solutions
Let’s talk about the central communications hub at any law firm, the mailroom. Mailroom processes must be a primary focus for firms to begin to install smarter digital practices. Rather than relying on mailroom staff to capture, sort, and distribute critical case matter content manually, establishing digital mailroom processes means that your firm can quickly benefit from more streamlined, accessible information.

As firms rely on an increasingly remote workforce, waiting to receive critical case files and documents via USPS, FedEX, UPS, or couriers only serves to slow down processes and service times. With a digitized mailroom, attorneys can immediately – and securely – access time-sensitive correspondence from wherever they are. What’s more, already busy staff will have more time to spend directly on client-related billable activities instead of juggling tedious and frustrating paper processes.

Learn more about Upland’s digital mailroom solutions here.

Our business climate is changing fast. But by finding focus areas to install more modern, streamlined solutions, your firm can adapt quickly to provide faster, more reliable services that benefit your attorneys and legal staff while enhancing client services. Contact me today to set up a brief demo and learn more about our comprehensive legal solutions.

Laurie VanDoezelaar is an Account Executive and legal expert at Upland Software and brings nearly 15 years of diverse business insight and experience to the team.



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