Digital Mailroom Solutions

AccuRoute empowers your mailroom staff by allowing them to automatically capture and route documents.

Reducing cumbersome paper processes helps boost staff productivity, ensures data accuracy and security, and gives your organization the benefit of faster more reliable processes – from the point of capture through storage.


Streamline Mail Capture

Improve Visibility, Reduce Errors

Increase Productivity

Dealing with Paper

Paper documentation isn’t going anywhere, which means you need a streamlined, accurate approach to standardizing a digital transformation process for content that arrives through traditional mailboxes.

If your organization is ready to automate mailroom processes, being able to efficiently address high-volume work is critical to help you empower your staff.

Start by creating a “moving forward” plan using AccuRoute to automatically scan and parse through documents based on key data points. Data in these documents will be automatically processed via Optical Character Recognition (OCR), conversion, or compression, and then sent to their end destination for secure storage or easy retrieval.

Set the destination ahead of time for automatic distribution based on keywords or rules, or add specific prompting instructions on a case by case basis. AccuRoute does the heavy lifting to modernize mailroom processes from capture, through workflow, and all the way down the appropriate repository.

What about Electronic Documents?

Let’s face it; managing paper is a challenge.  Once documents are in a digital format, they become much easier to access, manage, and track.

By modernizing your mailroom via electronic document processes, your organization can benefit from one central system to submit items to one or multiple email addresses for processing.

AccuRoute effortlessly performs automated forms classification and extraction, allowing materials to be distributed based on form type or any other determining factors, such as recipient name.

Strengthen standard practices and enforce Quality Control measures with tools like AccuRoute Queue, which automatically fixes, edits, and moves documents between various permissioned groups of users by project or task.

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  • Scanning Integrations

    AccuRoute can populate many workflows and processes to native device panels on most MFP vendors on the market. Users can batch scan, prompt for data (such as a client or matter number), and easily search folders in end repositories.

  • High Volume Ready

    You need a lot of processing power to handle all the mail traffic for an organization. AccuRoute takes the burden off user workstations for heavy lifting tasks like OCR, plus you can prepare for peak scanning hours by easily allocating or adding more processing power.

  • Simplify Faxing

    AccuRoute supports both On-Premise or Cloud faxing, and rolling it out is a breeze. Leverage existing infrastructure and fax routing rules, or upgrade to AccuRoute CloudFax to off-load the hardware burden of maintenance and upkeep.

  • Security and Compliance

    Digital mailroom processes promote more comprehensive security measures by providing a digital footprint for documents as they move throughout the organization. By processing information via AccuRoute from arrival through storage, your organization is well prepared for the next internal or external audit.


  • Data Loss Prevention

    Using AccuRoute Content Monitor you can add Data Loss Prevention to any document or just specific workflows. Content Monitor allows Administrators to flag key static or variable terms or sequences for further routing and decision making, pause the document in place, or even redact the flagged information.

  • Forms Automation

    Forms automation allows documents to be managed automatically by AccuRoute without human intervention. With AccuRoute CX, documents are classified into a document type, such as an invoice. Then, AccuRoute locates and deciphers important information via machine learning technology, so that information can be used downstream.

Empower your mailroom staff to accomplish more with existing technology investments