Case Study

Rapid City Area Schools goes paperless and gets back time to focus on students.

This busy K-12 district needed an all-in-one system to make student records and back office processes more efficient.

Rapid City Area Schools seamlessly integrated Upland Software’s workflow automation and document management solution with their Skyward Student Management Suite to digitize records and streamline processes. By integrating Upland Software’s workflow automation and document management solution into their current processes, Rapid City Area Schools found a secure solution facilitating a better way to perform record and document management, retention, and distribution within each school and across the district.

A few results at this K-12 district include:

  • Student records are now easy to locate and retrieve from any location, and all current and former student records dating back to 1910 have been digitized.
  • Invoice processing that used to take three AP staff members a week or more can now be completed in less than two hours.
  • Service to students is faster than ever since all associated documentation is tied directly to the student record in Skyward.
  • The district has created a trustworthy disaster recovery plan by digitizing files.
“The district was drowning in paper. It took staff forever to manually correlate, store, and retrieve student records. Digitizing documents has helped us conquer the chaos of paper documentation and modernize our services.”

Nancy Williams
Business Analyst
Rapid City Area Schools

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