FileBound Electronic Forms & Forms Portal

Save time, securely collect data, capture signatures, and improve productivity with electronic forms.

Electronic Forms make work easier.

FileBound’s document and workflow automation software helps organizations focus on the work that really matters by eliminating manual paper-based processes and creating a better customer experience in the cloud. Make work easier by quickly creating forms using our no-code forms designer, harnessing drag-and-drop design tools to compile data effortlessly. Automatically transform existing PDFs into electronic forms to grab business-critical content faster.

Solution benefits

  • Automatically auto-populate numeric fields, data, text, and more directly into the form and route directly to workflows or applications
  • Save time historically spent handling paper forms or trying to manually track requests via email
  • Eliminate the risk of important forms being misplaced, overlooked, or submitted as incomplete
  • Enable multiple forms in one view based on the audience
  • Allow users to effortlessly attach supplementary information or documents
  • Include eSignature capabilities to securely capture sign-offs and speed up turnaround

We love a success story! See how Rapid City Area Schools essentially eliminated tedious paper forms processes for student and staff documents.

Electronic Forms are one piece of the puzzle.  Find out how FileBound is helping streamline Accounts Payable processes.

What else can we do? FileBound also tackles challenges Human Resources staff face daily.

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