Contact Center Screen Pop by InGenius

InGenius® screen pop allows contact center agents to quickly see all customer information before a call is connected.

InGenius screen pop allows contact center agents to quickly see all customer information before a call is connected, by matching the phone number or customer-entered IVR information and automatically popping the data to the screen. Know your customer and improve their overall customer experience

Video Transcript

InGenius Connector Enterprise enables contact centers to increase their agent productivity, while providing a better customer experience.

One key feature of InGenius is screen pop. Screen pop provides a personalized customer experience by ensuring all information about a caller is at the agent’s fingertips before a call is connected. When an agent receives a call, their screen pops the appropriate record by matching on the caller ID number or on information the customer has entered in the interactive voice response system.

Agents have a complete view of the engagement history so they can provide a warm start to the call and eliminate redundant questions. With the context provided by screen pop, agents are always prepared and customers are served faster.

Screen pop is configurable through the admin console and allows InGenius to quickly display relevant information, including leads, contacts, accounts, cases, opportunities and custom objects or entities.

Why Screen Pops Are Beneficial

CTI screen pops bring caller data to the forefront before a call is answered, allowing for a more informed caller-agent interaction, and a warmer start. Because past call history, notes, and other customer details are available from the get-go, agents are enabled to provide personalized service in every interaction.

Who Do Screen Pops Help?

Screen pops allow agents to focus on the caller, because they eliminate the need to search for relevant information whlie on the phone. For the customer, screen pops create a better experience, as the caller won’t need to repeat basic details, or rehash old queries. Screen pop is most beneficial for inbound teams, but even primarily outbound teams, like sales, will benefit every time a customer calls.

Customization Of Screen Pops

By default, InGenius will pop the customer record when a call is received. However, screen pop can be customized to pop other objects and records in the CRM, such as cases, opportunities, or other custom objects or entities.

What The Video Didn’t Show

A CTI screen pop starts caller-agent interactions off on the right foot, paving the way for a successful interaction.

Having the tools and information required to provide exceptional service can make the difference between winning and losing customers. For more information on contact center screen pops functionality and other features, visit us today at