InterFAX Security

Upland Software’s cloud fax solution, InterFAX, is an internet fax service that offers online fax services with enhanced security, SSL access and encryption for inbound/outbound fax notification messages. InterFAX also offers a fax API for developers in all popular programming languages.

HIPAA Compliance and Business Associate Agreement

InterFAX is fully committed to complying with HIPAA standards and relevant regulations. To that end, Upland InterFAX is pleased to offer a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to customers upon request. You can view a sample BAA here. Please reach out to your Upland InterFAX Account Executive for more information on obtaining a BAA.

PCI DSS Certification

InterFAX is certified by a 3rd party qualified security assessor as a Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant service provider. Dedicated to offering secure fax services that meet the world’s most stringent privacy and security regulations, InterFAX is committed to helping clients address PCI DSS faxing needs by offering services that fully comply with the standard.

PCI DSS applies to InterFAX in two ways:

  1. Merchant processing – Applies when processing and storing client credit card details.
  2. Fax handling – InterFAX typically acts as a passive conduit for fax content passing through our systems; however, we can also function as a PCI Level 1 service provider, in which case we actively secure information (i.e., credit card data) passing through our networks. Our outbound PCI fax service sends faxes through a separate, hardened subsystem that has undergone rigorous compliance testing. This means that customers remain PCI DSS-compliant when outsourcing their faxing via InterFAX.

You can view Upland’s PCI DSS certificate here.

PHIPA Compliance

InterFAX provides technical, physical, and procedural security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of faxes sent in the healthcare industry.

Cloud-based technology is quickly transforming how Canadian businesses operate, resulting in an increased demand for more resilient and comprehensive cloud computing infrastructures. For document-driven, crucial service industries like healthcare, the integrity of data is a top priority, which means that healthcare providers are seeking communications solutions that adhere to compliance mandates while enhancing the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services. Our PHIPA-compliant cloud fax service helps EMR providers and healthcare organizations send faxes while aligning with PHIPA regulations to ensure secure, reliable information flow and exchange.

InterFAX is helping Canadian healthcare providers of all sizes to ensure security, boost efficiency, and offer fax services for patients and their families with enhanced cloud communications processes. We have a Montreal-based data center to provide critical in-country data storage for our Canadian customers to ensure alignment with Canada’s stringent data residency requirements.

ISO 27001 Compliance

InterFAX is proud to offer our customers the most rigorous, secure cloud fax service possible.

You can view Upland’s ISO 27001 certificate here.

Additional Security Features

InterFAX provides clients with diverse ways to improve their fax security. We offer SSL and PKI inputs, as well as “Delete Fax after Completion,” a feature ensuring that fax images are not stored on our systems any longer than necessary for faxing.