Creating sales proposals with Qvidian is like having a team of experts on call

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How many times have you wished you had a personal assistant who could tackle the manual, boring parts of creating sales proposals? You’d finally be able to focus on what you do best: closing deals and escape from searching for content, fighting with formatting, and endless back-and-forth emails. Creating sales proposals with Qvidian is like having a team of experts on call.

Qvidian can help with everything sales proposal related, and it’s far more than a robo-assistant. It’s closer to having an entire team of experts on call. Since Qvidian is a cloud software, it’s also available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready and waiting to automate away the dull and time-consuming parts of creating sales proposals.

Let’s take a look at the many roles Qvidian can play when creating sales proposals to free up your schedule and help you close more business this quarter.

Qvidian as your Solution Consultant

When creating a sales proposal, you want to lead with the best-fitting products for the opportunity. The catch is, your product portfolio is packed with complex, customizable solutions—especially if you’re creating sales proposals with Qvidian for a technology or SaaS company.

Is Product A better than Product B, or is it more competitive to pitch a module from Product C combined with an add-on from Product D? The time you can waste trying to settle on the optimal solution to propose is mind-boggling. Whether you overwhelm your prospect with details or mistakenly omit the most compelling product, you can ruin your first impression and open the door for competitors.

Qvidian can play the role of a solution consultant when creating sales proposals. Effectively, you check a few boxes in Qvidian to input details about the opportunity at hand, and Qvidian automatically suggests the best product content to include in your sales proposal.

How does this work?
In a new Qvidian project, under the “Industry” heading, you check the box next to “Technology/SaaS,” under the “Region” heading, you check the box for “EMEA,” and under the “Pain Points” heading, you check the box for “Sales Presentations.” Based on your input, Qvidian recommends including information about Product C in your sales proposals. You don’t have to know that Product C is the best fit because Qvidian did that work for you automatically.

Qvidian as your Sales Engineer

Qvidian already recommended including content about Product C in your sales proposal because it will resonate most with your prospect. The thing is, from your research, you know this prospect is based in the U.K. and needs all their data stored in the U.K. for privacy reasons. You reach for your cell phone, about to call your go-to sales engineer, but it’s 10:00 pm on a Sunday. There’s no way she’ll answer, but you were hoping to send this sales proposal first thing tomorrow.

Qvidian has your back, playing the role of a sales engineer when creating a sales proposal. All the answers to your most asked technical and product questions are already stored in your trusted Qvidian library. Every answer is up-to-date, preapproved by a subject matter expert, and ready for you to drag and drop into your sales proposal.

How does this work?
In Qvidian, you open your library and search—just like you would online. In this case, you type in “Product C data centers.” Before you know it, Qvidian surfaces a content record that explains that both U.S. and U.K. data centers are available for Product C. So, you drag and drop that prewritten info into your work-in-progress sales proposal and keep moving.

Qvidian as your Marketing Manager

Your sales proposal is shaping up nicely and now includes information about your recommended products and your preemptive answers to the questions your prospect would likely ask. But that hardly paints a picture of why your company is the best choice. You need to convey your company’s vision, mission, and differentiators—everything that shows you’re a true partner, not just a one-off product.

You consider digging around on the marketing SharePoint site or browsing that folder on your desktop that’s probably full of outdated content because your company rebranded last month. Then, you have a moment of clarity: there’s no need to go hunting for content or evaluate what is or isn’t approved. All the company information you need is already waiting for you because creating sales proposals with Qvidian play the role of marketing manager.

How does this work?

In Qvidian, in just a few clicks, you select to add in your company’s latest, marketing-approved mission, vision statement, and key differentiators as front matter. At the end of your sales proposal, you drop in content about Product C’s implementation process that’s preapproved by Professional Services and add in the latest version of your executives’ bios for added insight. There’s no need to stress about creating the most compelling value statements on the fly because an expert already tackled this challenge and saved the results in Qvidian.

Qvidian as your Pricing Specialist

For this opportunity, you know your prospect is actively considering other software providers. The good news is, your price point will actually be a competitive differentiator and help your sales proposal stand out from the others they’re evaluating. Off the top of your head, you have a rough idea of how much Product C costs per user, and you know the prospect will likely have between 1,000 and 2,000 users, but you can’t recall exactly how volume discounting works and don’t want to set the wrong expectations.

What could have been a roadblock isn’t a problem because creating sales proposals with Qvidian can play the role of a pricing specialist. By integrating with your Configure Price Quote (QPQ) tool, you can push an accurate and approved quote into your Qvidian sales proposal in minutes.

How does this work?

Qvidian has an open API and integrates with many leading QPQ tools. Qvidian’s Professional Services team can configure integrations during your Qvidian implementation or any time you need. Of course, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical details. Once Profesional Services sets up the integration, it just works behind the scenes so you can focus on your job.

Qvidian as your Designer and Copy Editor

Before you know it, you’re looking at a sales proposal that includes all the tailored content you need to win your opportunity. Usually, this is when you’d start to worry about formatting and style. To get your prospect’s attention, you need everything to look and sound professional, cohesive, and compelling. As you scan the sales proposal, you’re shocked: Qvidian already played the dual role of designer and copy editor in your sales proposal creation process.

Everything you pulled into your sales proposal from your Qvidian library was pre-formatted and already in your company’s approved branding and voice. Qvidian even applied your pe-loaded style template to that quote you imported from your CPQ tool. Everything is polished and ready to deliver.

How does this work?

Beyond storing all library content in your approved branding and style, Qvidian can also automatically insert coversheets, create tables of content, add in running headers and footers, and more. Either Qvidian’s Profesional Services team or someone on your team completes the work and configuration steps once and saves everything to Qvidian. From then on, you benefit every time you create a professionally branded proactive sales proposal with Qvidian.

BONUS: Qvidian as your Project Manager

With everything you just accomplished with Qvidian—going from the idea of creating a sales proposal to a final tailored sales proposal in minutes—it’s easy to overlook that you did it all independently on your schedule. You didn’t need to chase subject matter experts, coordinate with designers and editors, send a single email, or attend a status update meeting. Qvidian handled sales proposal project management automatically.

The Qvidian team knows sales proposals

For more than 25 years, we have been helping sales teams create high-quality, proactive sales proposals with Qvidian rapidly. Our customer success managers, Education Services team, and Professional Services team have seen it all collaborating with complex enterprise technology and software companies and with highly regulated industries, like healthcare and financial services.

The Qvidian team is skilled in helping customers get started quickly with a strategy that supports sustained, long-term success. With Qvidian, every time you create a proactive sales proposal, it feels like you have an entire team of experts ready and waiting to help you close the deal. Contact Qvidian for more details and to get a custom demo.

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