How Qvidian Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Team Qvidian

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been evolving for years, but recently burst onto the corporate-stage with gusto. With multiple platforms currently available for public use, every company is learning and talking about AI.

Qvidian currently uses AI technologies to help improve our users’ experiences. So, we’re here to help users better understand the term and to highlight our current and future AI direction.

What is AI?

In its simplest form, artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of science that combines data with computer science to help with problem solving. However, definitions of AI have evolved over time. In the early days, researchers like Alan Turing phrased AI as “systems that act like humans” while modern experts, like John McCarthy, defined AI as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

Ultimately, there are multiple types of AI, with lots of debate and discussion about what constitutes “true AI.” Two of the most referenced forms of AI are machine learning and generative AI, which each offer a unique solution to users’ experience.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of AI and computer science which focuses on the use of datasets and algorithms to imitate the way that humans discern information with a goal of improving accuracy.  Lots of software products, Qvidian included, use machine learning to improve results and efficiency while reducing errors.

Generally speaking, machine learning focuses on improving outcomes, which for Qvidian means improving the user experience by suggesting approved answers from existing content.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that’s focused on producing or generating something tangible. This could be a short paragraph of creative text, an article breaking down the latest news, or an imaginative piece of digital art.

While artificial intelligence is focused on mimicking human behavior, generative models identify patterns and structures, using them to produce new or similar content.

What are the uses for Generative AI?

Some use generative AI to fuel or enhance a creative process while others use it to improve processes and streamline workflows. As a rule, this type of AI is used to produce some form of content. Whether that content is entirely new or  a mashup of existing content largely depends on the users’ needs.

How Qvidian currently uses AI

Qvidian’s machine learning improves from searches the user performs and the content they consume to improve future results. This learning model allows manual intervention when desired, to support customers who prefer to have a greater level of control over search results.

Additionally, we use machine learning and automation to help streamline the RFP response and for our users. When users upload an RFP to Qvidian our auto-fill capabilities analyze the document and suggest the most relevant content for questions contained within the RFP.

Our machine learning model extends to searches from within:

  • The Qvidian Library
  • Search Panels
  • Qvidian for Office
  • Qvidian for Web
  • FirstPass
  • Qvidian’s Public APIs.

Qvidian’s machine learning pulls from a single source of truth.

One growing concern surrounding AI is the accuracy of its answers. Popular generative AI platforms pull in data from a wide range of public sources to craft answers or unique content pieces. Unfortunately, this can often lead to misinformation or incorrect answers and responses, as not all data sources are vetted for accuracy.

Qvidian’s AI features pull directly from your central library of approved content. By only recommending the existing content in your library, Qvidian establishes a single source of truth for your content, providing you automatic and accurate content you can trust.

Where are we heading?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are improving daily and Qvidian continues to follow these trends closely.

We’re committed to innovating our product with future-forward strategies and currently are performing research and development on technologies that can offer AI-generated responses that allow Qvidian to maintain its best-in-class status.

Request a demo and learn how Qvidian's AI-driven search empowers organizations.

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