RFP response software helps financial services organizations uphold compliance

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You know the right RFP automation software helps increase win rates, but what if it can also help your financial services organization remain compliant and meet industry security requirements? RFP response and proposal security software helps financial services organizations uphold compliance.

There’s a reason Qvidian is a trusted choice in regulated industries, like financial services, healthcare, and insurance. As of 2021, four of the five largest asset management companies, eight of the ten largest U.S. banks, and six of the ten largest European banks all work with Qvidian.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Qvidian helps more than 1,000 companies and 200,000 users worldwide win more business. Our secure RFP response and proposal security automation software helps organizations:

  • Create compliant RFP responses, proactive proposals, and sales content
  • Simplify virtual collaboration with remote teams
  • Always be audit-ready and uphold compliance
  • Create accurate, complete responses that win more

Qvidian also has expert Education Services and Professional Services teams standing by to support you with everything from onboarding to custom, in-depth training. Especially if you have a global organization, or a company that spans regions, it’s important to know that Qvidian is always just a phone call or email away—no matter what time it is or time zone you’re in.

Increase RFP response and proposal security

Growing competition in the financial services industry is driving up the volume, length, and complexity of RFPs, proposals, and questionnaires. To help you keep up, our cloud-based RFP response and proposal security automation software offers security, compliance, and simplicity at scale.

Using secure cloud storage, we help you create a content repository that acts as a “single source of truth.” Having one central content library means that everyone can always find approved content in authorized language. Your content is also protected by granular access controls that meet financial services and insurance company regulations. These easy-to-manage access controls and security features give your team access to the content they need—and nothing they don’t.

Proposal automation helps ensure compliance

Automation software can help you respond to RFPs faster than before by streamlining your existing response process. In fact, our customers report up to a 30% decrease in RFP response times. Fast, tailored content made possible by automation frees up your team to create more RFP responses and close more deals. With Qvidian RFP automation software, you can centralize and securely automate:

  • RFP responses
  • Sales (proactive) proposals
  • Due diligence questionnaires (DDQs)
  • Security questionnaires
  • Statements of work (SOWs)
  • Contracts
  • Other critical sales content

We’ve even removed the technology learning curve. Your team can work directly in the programs they’re familiar with, thanks to our Microsoft Office integration. This integration makes it easy for occasional contributors and even first-time users to answer RFPs and build proposals without ever leaving Word or Excel. They can also collaborate in real-time through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

After you define repeatable, multi-step review and approval workflows, the RFP response software tracks all actions automatically to create ironclad audit trails. It’s simple to export reports that show who reviewed, edited, and approved content and when that activity occurred. With these reports, you’re always prepared to meet financial services audit requirements.

Analytics to maximize RFP response rates

Qvidian offers built-in analytics so you can track progress and productivity. With detailed analytics, you gain visibility into the entire RFP response and proposal security creation process, including the status of each piece of content and other performance KPIs. You can track win rates and identify trends, like what content your team uses most and what content contributes to the most won deals.

Greater insight leads to making smarter decisions that maximize productivity. With a clear view of your team’s activity, you can better manage projects and staff proactively to meet business demands and avoid bottlenecks—even when you’re working with tight resources.

To share your insight with stakeholders, you can build tailored dashboards and reports with simple drag and drop controls. Suddenly, proving your team’s impact on revenue and return on investment is as easy as clicking to generate a report or sharing a link to an analytics dashboard.

RFP automation for compliant, current, and complete RFPs

For financial services and other regulated industries, the right RFP solution can help you compete and win more while maintaining compliance and meeting strict security requirements.

If you’re ready to start your journey to secure RFP response and proposal security automation, be sure to check out Upland Qvidian. Qvidian helps you automate away the boring and time-consuming parts of your RFP response and proposal security process, so you can focus on crafting more persuasive, customer-centric proposals.

For a demo and to see how Qvidian fits your unique needs, contact an Upland Qvidian proposal and RFP response expert.

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