RFP Response and Proposal Security for Financial Services: What It Means & How To Achieve It

How RFP Response and Proposal Automation Helps Ensure Compliance for Financial Services

You know that the right RFP automation solution will help increase win rates, but what if it can also help ensure your business remains compliant and meets industry security requirements?

There is a reason that Qvidian is a trusted choice in regulated industries, such as the world’s largest banks and investment management firms. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have helped more than 1,000 companies and 200,000 users worldwide win more business. 

Our secure and dependable RFP automation solution helps the financial services industry:

  • Centralize and secure RFP, proposal & sales content
  • Simplify virtual collaboration with remote teams
  • Always be audit-ready and uphold compliance
  • Create accurate, complete responses that win more

And our Educational and Professional Services teams are here to support you—from onboarding to in-depth training.

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RFP Response and Proposal Security. How do we do it?

Increasing competition in the financial services industry is driving up the volume, length, and complexity of RFPs, proposals, and questionnaires. To help you keep up, our cloud-based RFP proposal automation solution offers security, compliance, and simplicity at scale. 

By leveraging the cloud, we help you create a content repository that acts as a “single source of truth.” Having a single library of content means that everyone can find the information they need. And this secure, cloud-based library stores only approved content in authorized language. So you can be confident that your team is always working with accurate, current, and complete information. 

Your content is protected by granular access controls that meet the regulations of financial services and insurance companies. These easy to manage access controls and security features give your team access to the content they need—and nothing they don’t. By controlling access, you can be confident that content and messaging is consistent across your entire organization. 

Proposal Automation That Also Helps Ensure Compliance

Automation can help you respond to RFPs faster than before, in part because crafting new content is made easier with streamlined processes. Our customers report an up to 30% decrease in response times. 

Fast, tailored content made possible by automation frees up your team to create more RFP responses that win you more business. 

With Qvidian’s RFP automation solution, you can centralize and securely automate:

  • RFP responses
  • Proposals
  • Due Dilligence Questionnaires (DDQs)
  • Security Questionnaires 
  • Statements of Work (SOWs)
  • Contracts
  • Other sales content 

And, we’ve removed the technology learning curve. Your team can use the programs they are familiar with thanks to our Microsoft Office integration. This integration makes it easy for your team to work directly in Word or Excel to collaborate in real-time without worrying about version control issues. 

By defining repeatable, multi-step review and approval workflows, all actions are automatically tracked to create audit trails. Compliance records show who reviewed, edited, or approved content and when the activity occurred. With these records, you are always prepared to meet audit requirements.

Analytics to Maximize RFP Response Rates

Our solution offers built-in analytics so you can track progress and productivity. With detailed analytics, you gain visibility into the entire process, including the status of each piece of content and other KPIs. You can track win rates and identify trends, such as the performance of your most compelling content.

Greater insight leads to making smarter decisions that maximize productivity. With a clear view of your team’s activity, you can better manage projects and staff proactively to meet business demands and avoid bottlenecks. 

To share this insight with stakeholders, use tailored drag and drop dashboards and reports to highlight and track what matters most. 

Customize your dashboards with:

  • Charts and graphs
  • Data filtering 
  • Calculations and formulas

Custom metrics and reporting allow you to prove your team’s value and demonstrate ROI.

RFP Automation for Compliant, Current and Complete RFPs

For financial services and other regulated industries, the right RFP solution can help you compete and win more while maintaining compliance and meeting security requirements. 

To learn how automation can deliver compliant, current, and complete RFP responses that are accurate and audit-ready, attend our webinar on November 17, 2020.

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