Affinity Water Case Study

Affinity Water

Water great way to get to know your customers

In response to Ofwat’s introduction of the Service Incentive Mechanism, Affinity Water wanted to be able to demonstrate that they were actively listening and responding to their customers’ feedback.

By partnering with Rant & Rave to capture real-time feedback off the back of their customer interactions, Affinity Water were the first UK-based water company to use the CSAT metric as a way of monitoring their customers’ satisfaction, and also first to use text messages as a way of gathering customer feedback.

The proof’s in the pudding


Seen a 35% decrease in complaints

Observed a 16% increase in verbatim response rates as a result of dynamic SMS replies based on customer feedback scores

Captured 36,000 responses each year

From insight to action: using customer feedback to drive CX

Affinity Water has demonstrated how listening to customers has empowered it to focus on what really matters. As a result, it’s built a program focused around surfacing and actioning insight quickly.

By identifying negative customer feedback based on customers’ online experiences, it was apparent that a variety of core issues needed resolving. From this, Affinity Water switched to a single sign-on approach and went the extra mile by redesigning the online customer login area, ensuring it created a great all-around user experience.

That’s not all. By fully implementing dynamic SMS responses based on customer feedback scores, it saw response rates increase by 16%. This perfectly illustrates how brands can improve engagement by staying relevant and engaging customers in their moments of truth.

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