BOC Case Study

What happens when you stop seeing customer insight as hot air?

BOC were initially using a traditional annual survey to collect customer feedback, from which they reached around 300 customers. They were also aware that the 500 complaints an hour received across Linde Group led to around 12,000 customers being lost per year — they needed a new way of thinking.

Using Rant & Rave, BOC now send a simple feedback request after a customer has interacted with them, asking them to score their experience from 1 to 5 and share their reason as to why they’ve given that score.

By simplifying their approach and putting customer emotion over company survey, their response rates have gone through the roof, and they’re now committed to closing the loop with negative-scoring customers within two hours. This enables them to tackle complaints and use the feedback captured to amend processes and try to positively change how they do business.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Sometimes it only takes one small voice to make a big change. For BOC, this happened when a customer complained about the scheduling system after witnessing multiple trucks delivering to the same location on the same day. After investigating, BOC realized there was an error with the computer scheduling system, meaning they had no visibility that multiple deliveries were being made.

From a single complaint, BOC has upgraded their scheduling software so that the system recognizes that only one truck should ever be sent to a single location each day. This saves the company significant time and money and is helping them become more environmentally friendly too.

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BOC Case Study - Upland Rant & Rave

The proof's in the pudding


    Seen their Customer Effort Score improve from +42 to +80 in the UK


    Saved over £4 million by implementing projects off the back of customer feedback


    Rolled Rant & Rave out globally to 30 countries around the world


    1,400% increase in customer feedback responses per year

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