Thames Water Case Study

Letting customer feedback pour in

While in the past, business objectives were focused around getting water from A to B, Thames Water has now changed its focus to bring the customer’s voice to every level of the business. After realizing that in-depth telephone surveys weren’t providing the tools it needed to do this, Thames Water implemented the Rant & Rave Platform. This was not only introduced to improve customer and agent satisfaction, but also to provide the organization with a better understanding of how its customers were feeling in the moment and how their sentiment changes over time. After a customer interacts with the contact center, they’re proactively invited to tell Thames Water how they feel about their experience, and why. If a customer is unhappy, the Thames team are alerted, empowering them to take action and save customers in the moment.

The proof’s in the pudding


An average SMS response rate of 25%

A 39% reduction in complaints

A 6% reduction in unwanted contacts

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