Rant & Rave for Utilities

Water Way to Light up Your Customer Experience

When you think of emotional industries, utilities may not be the first that comes to mind. Your water, gas, and electricity are not something you usually think twice about, until they’re not there that is. Issues in utilities can be highly sensitive, which is why they should always be handled right. We aim to harness this customer emotion into something positive.

  • Don’t hate, regulate

    Regulators shouldn’t be the reason you treat your customers well, just as geographical monopolies shouldn’t be an excuse not to. Then again, you have more incentive than most. Ensure customers are informed and listened to and feel confident that you are complying with the powers that be in the meantime.

  • Step on the gas

    Issues in this sector need resolving, fast. Our real-time solutions are perfectly tailored to utilities, enabling you to keep your customers informed with timely messages, capture their feedback, and close the loop in the moment. By allowing customers to share their thoughts in their own words, immediately after an interaction, you can solve issues before they become complaints.

  • Tell customers what’s in the pipeline

    If you’re in a position where you’re without water, gas, or electricity, you want to know exactly what your provider is doing about it, and when. Knowledge really is power here, so reduce inbound calls and keep customers in the loop by using proactive communication to tell them exactly when they can expect you.

  • Wash away their troubles

    A huge amount of power is put in the hands of your frontline, whether that’s in contact centers or engineers visiting homes. That one individual represents your entire company and your customers’ interaction with them is their experience. Ensure that experience is as consistent, professional, and positive as possible by engaging staff to go the extra mile for your customers.

Our customers have…


Reduced the cost of complaints by over 30%

Achieved response rates of over 30%

Measured CSAT increases of 6.5%

Recorded savings of 20% on feedback budgets

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