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What makes the Rant & Rave Platform different?

Here are the four crucial differences that best sum up the Rant & Rave Platform.

We choose customer emotion over company survey

We’ve said goodbye to surveys and embraced the only real indicator of future customer behavior, emotion. More emotion means more authentic feedback, so you have more opportunity to save, engage, and create Raving fans. You wouldn’t really want to base your business decisions on a tick box, would you?

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We’re obsessive about brilliant customer engagement

Brilliant customer engagement starts and ends with your employees. Our technology not only gives them a voice, but it gamifies their experience too. By showing them how their service impacts your customers in real time, you can celebrate their successes and motivate them to constantly do better.

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We address the silent shopper

Whether customers have bought from you or not, their insight is invaluable. Let customers and “could-be” customers start the conversation and tell you what matters most to them, in their own words. With our Conversational Listening Posts, your door is always open.

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customer feedback management platform

We’re proactive about communication and feedback

Today’s world is fast, but we can be faster. The Rant & Rave Platform enables you to proactively reach out to your customers with the information they need, before they have to ask for it. Then, when you’ve captured their feedback, you can get back to them all, closing the loop at scale.

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