Proactive About Communication and Feedback

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Discover how to keep the conversation going with customers

A little communication goes a long way

Guessing, chasing, and waiting are all part of the old customer experience. There’s no place for them today, which is why the Rant & Rave Platform lets organizations proactively reach out to customers with information.

Then, after their experience, truly listen to their feedback and act on it. By being proactive with communication throughout the customer journey, companies can stay one step ahead and close the loop at scale.

Driving up CX, driving down costs, while setting and managing expectations.

Go beyond the honeymoon period

Customers don’t just need to be won at the point of purchase, but with every experience and interaction with a brand. Customers, and prospective customers, want a seamless, personalized, and consistent experience — across all journey touchpoints and all channels.

Keep customers informed through the channel that suits them.

Need a little inspiration?

Consider using proactive communication to send out personalized marketing messages, confirmations of orders, appointment reminders, updates on the status of a delivery, voice broadcasts to a whole company from the CEO, or to thank customers for sharing their feedback (and letting them know what’s been done with it!).

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Engage your customers — before and after

  • Keep customers informed at the touch of a button through the channel that suits them — whether they’re a text message enthusiast, prolific emailer, or simply prefer to hear another voice at the end of the phone.

  • Allow customers to continue the conversation in real time with intelligent two-way messaging.

  • Close the loop at scale by replying to customers that have left feedback to let them know the changes that have been made.

  • Keep employees in the loop, too, by using Rant & Rave’s voice broadcast technology to get the emotion across in any messages — whether it’s to celebrate and recognize key achievements or tell them about what changes to expect.

  • Use customer feedback to drive contextually relevant marketing and sales campaigns by sending them offers and discounts via text message or email.

  • Improve efficiency by having the entire process automated — keeping the pressure off of already busy frontline staff!

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