Frontline Engagement

Let your customers be the coach

In your world they may be colleagues, partners, agents, or team members. No matter what you call them, they can make or break your customer experience. That’s why we’ve built our Frontline Engagement module to showcase your real-time feedback in a fun and gamified way, empowering your employees and allowing your customers to become the coach.

Engaging the troops

Our Frontline Engagement dashboard is designed to take the voice of your customers and present it back to your employees in a fun and engaging way. It is perfect for giving your team the opportunity to see how they’re doing, while allowing team leaders and managers to drill down into performance to ensure you’re always delivering the customer experience.

No matter your role or the device you’re using, there’s a Frontline Engagement view for you.


Making feedback social

Frontline Engagement is designed to be personal. With real time notifications, a continually updating feed of customer comments and the option for an Insta-worthy profile picture, we make feedback social.

Just like their favorite social media platform, employees have access to a live feed on their homepage. Comments from customers they’ve interacted with are all visible in real-time, enabling them to celebrate successes and, if necessary, alter their behavior in the moment.

In a league of their own

Because employees can see all of their scores and real-time feedback in one place, they’ll have clearer visibility on what they’re doing well or where they need to improve — helping them to self-coach.

But if you want to add a sense of friendly competition, you can share the live League Table with the whole team, encouraging everyone to stay on top of their game and strive for that rockstar status!

Superstar. Legend. The Big Cheese.

Whatever you call them, show your top performers their results matter by naming the status you apply to any score within your dashboard! Across all scores, give your frontline employees the status they deserve.

A view for employees

We understand that your employees are already time poor, often hopping from one task to another in a matter of minutes, so we’ve crafted a dashboard that makes things a little easier.

All feedback about an individual is visible in one place, providing easy, real time access to the voice of your customer from any device, so they’re empowered to make evidence-based change to the service they’re providing.

A view for supervisors

As a supervisor or team leader, being able to get an overview or your entire team’s performance is crucial. So, not only can you compare individuals by score, but also use the coaching screen to identify individual and team-wide coaching opportunities, enabling you to take the service your team provides from good to great! You can easily recognize and celebrate those top performers too.

A view for managers

Whether you want a bird’s-eye view of your frontline performance or need to drill down into a region or team, Frontline Engagement provides you with that opportunity. You can even take a deep dive into the data to see trends in scores across any given date period, all at the touch of a button.

So, when it comes to doing performance reviews or the next quarterly board meeting, you’re armed with the insight you need to bring the customer into the room with you.

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