Do More Than Act the Part

Perhaps the most important part of customer feedback is making sure that you act on it, and here’s how.

Recover your Ranters

We’re Ravers… but we’re still realists, and we know that problems do happen and, when they do, recovering customers in real time is crucial. That’s why, with our Recover module, you are able to respond directly to customers, notify stakeholders, and set up alerts, so you never miss a trick (or a Rant).

What’s new?

Ensuring customer feedback never falls on deaf ears is crucial. Then again, where’s the value in change if customers are unaware of it? Whether it’s individual immediate recovery or at scale improvements, show customers who have taken the time to share feedback with you, that you’ve taken the time to act on it by closing the loop with them.

Don’t keep fire fighting

In order to create real change in your company, you need to ensure that the insight gathered from your feedback data is the driving force behind business-wide decisions — not just your CX strategy. Whether it’s process, product, or brand improvement, ensure that you never give Ranters an opportunity to complain twice. Don’t just listen — act.

Let them Rave from the rooftops

What’s more impressive than hearing customers take the time to really Rave about a company? Well, if you ask us, not a lot! That’s why we’ve designed our tech to integrate seamlessly with review sites, so that you can leverage the voice of your Ravers to accelerate your marketing, heighten your brand reputation, and improve your Search Engine Optimization.

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