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Our grandma taught us it’s what’s on the inside that matters… but customer feedback presented clearly, and fully integrated in your systems, can be a real game changer (sorry Nan)!

The all-seeing eye

We put feedback into the hands that matter — yours! Through your personalized dashboard, you can see the authentic experiences of your customers, in real time.

You can then use customizable data analysis, visualizations, and tools to better understand your data and, most importantly of all, take action on it!

Inject some fun

Customer experience on the frontline can be make or break. Your agents have a huge impact on how customers go away feeling, so why not gamify their experience, creating more engaged and empowered employees prepared to compete, improve, and, vitally, go that extra mile for customers?

We’re better together

Rant & Rave for Salesforce integrates your feedback data into Salesforce — so you can take action and make decisions in real time. We combine the benefits of three Salesforce Clouds: Sales, Service, and Marketing, so you can take care of the details, close the loop, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Of course, you can integrate your Rant & Rave data with any other business system of your choice by using our APIs.

Discover your true potential

Our Discover module is a cutting-edge data visualization and analytics tool. Create personalized reports based on what you want to see, and make authentic decisions based on real customer data. Slice, dice, and search across your feedback data, while visualizing it with state-of-the-art graphics.

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