The Power’s in the Process

Capturing feedback is just the beginning. Allow our technology to show you a whole new world of insight.

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Our Sentiment Engine is the brains behind the operation, using Natural Language Processing to extract insights from verbatim instantly. Put simply, an insight is what customers are talking about alongside how they really feel about it.

Suddenly, feedback isn’t just made up of sentences, it’s suggestions, threats, opinions, and detailed experiences that you can truly act on.

More bang for your buck

Plus, the good news doesn’t end there… we don’t just score and categorize the overall piece of feedback, but instead we offer the opportunity to drill down into each topic within the customers’ experience.

In other words, our Sentiment Engine can give you a wealth of insights per piece of feedback. Well, we all love a freebie, don’t we?

On average, we generate 2.4 insights per comment

Resulting in almost 40 million insights, we’ve been able to share with our customers

Method in the madness

We ensure there’s always a clear structure by creating bespoke taxonomies, just for you. These taxonomies are made up of categories, sub-categories, and even sub-sub-categories (you can’t say we don’t go the extra mile)!

We then continuously review them, to ensure we’re always singing from the same hymn sheet and turning unstructured verbatim into structured data.

Let’s talk numbers

Our Sentiment Engine allows customers to express themselves in their own words, rather than forcing them to rate on a sliding scale of scores.

Then again, we know that the bird’s-eye view can be helpful, so the Sentiment Engine produces a sentiment score based on the customers’ words and phrases, enabling you to still get a comparative view of your entire customer base.


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