Voice of the Employee

Because Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Your employees are the heart of your brand and the hub of your customer experience. Rant & Rave’s Voice of the Employee solution enables you to deliver a best-in-class employee experience, so they can focus on delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

The missing piece of your CX program

We all understand the importance of asking customers “How are we doing?” in order to monitor performance and improve, yet many brands still only ask their employees the same question just once a year in their annual engagement surveys. It’s time to change. We believe a great customer experience starts at home, so we’re bringing employees back into the VoC sphere, allowing you to capture their emotion in real time, drive change, and close the loop.

Two sides of the same coin

Real time insight from your employees can often add meaningful context to your customer feedback. For example, a customer may complain that his/her payment wasn’t taken on time, while your employees share that the billing process is manual and time-consuming. By consolidating feedback from both your customers’ and employees’ worlds, you can explore the associations between their experiences and make improvements, which benefit all. As the saying goes, happy employees = happy customers!

Three is the magic number

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your employees’ experience, which is why we advocate three different ways of capturing their feedback: always-on Listening Posts, triggered requests, and deep-dive annual surveys.

There’s method in the madness — for the moments you can’t predict, our always-on Listening Posts allow your employees to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas whenever they want to. When you know employees are likely to give feedback, such as after a company conference or a procedure change, triggered feedback requests can be automatically set up to provide a real time assessment of their emotions. Then when you want a deep-dive view of your employees’ satisfaction, an annual survey can help you to measure and benchmark your year-on-year engagement levels, helping you to understand exactly how your employees feel at every stage of their journey.

Closing the loop at scale

It’s no good capturing all of this great feedback from your employees if you’re not going to listen and take action. By closing the loop with your employees and telling them how their feedback is driving change and improvements, you can boost engagement and response rates alike. A text message, or even a voice broadcast from your CEO, is the perfect way to thank your employees for their feedback and ideas and keep them in the know with the changes you’re making!

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