Gamification Energizes the Contact Center by Improving Agent Adoption of Knowledge

Improving agent productivity leads directly to increased customer satisfaction, better retention, and better referrals. But how can you increase agent productivity?

Gamification has been proven to show a pronounced impact on employee engagement and productivity – which contributes to customer loyalty and benefits the organization as a whole. In fact, Gallup has found that companies that engage their employees to improve business performance by 240%.

In the contact center, the principles of game mechanics are succeeding in energizing and motivating support agents and driving major improvements in agent behavior.

RightAnswers offers gamification out-of-the-box to motivate agents to create better knowledge articles and to reuse and update knowledge more frequently.

Download our educational material on the principles behind gamification and how best to implement it:

  • Gamification infographic – get a high-level view of gamification for customer service, with typical results achieved.
  • Download our eBook about the principles behind gamification and considerations you need to know before getting started with gamification.
  • And download the white paper on the same topic, Enabling KCS Adoption: A New Game in Town.

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Author: Simon Yelsky

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