Getting Started with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS®)

Logo: Knowledge Centered SupportSo you’ve heard about KCS® and the benefits it brings to your team, your organization and your customers. You like the idea and you want to start using it in your support organization – But where to start?

One of the great things about KCS is that, unlike many new initiatives, you don’t need a big investment to get started!

What you do need, sooner or later, is exec sponsorship: With Knowledge-Centered Support, you’ll likely be changing processes, changing reporting and changing your knowledge management tool, and that needs senior buy-in. However, those changes don’t need to be implemented all at once. I have worked with contact center managers who have successfully started out with KCS with just two (out of more than 100) of their agents using KCS methodology.

To get started, you’ll just need to have two things:

Diagram: KCS knowledge software utilizes UFFA...use, flag, fix and add.Starting small and adopting KCS in phases allows you to see the benefits of taking on KCS, while reducing the risk of the unknown and removing the barriers to trial you might encounter should you try to go all out from the very beginning.

Establishing the business advantages in a small, controlled trial allows you to generate momentum and get that all-important executive buy-in, helping you build a case for full-scale adoption. You can even start out with your current knowledge base, though KCS recommends a verified solution, such as RightAnswers, is used as you move out of the initial phases of adoption.

If you’re interested in training a core team in KCS practices, or would like your leadership team to understand more about the benefits of KCS, take a look at the training we have to offer you and your organization. Also download our eBook, Basic Principles of Knowledge Centered Service, for a good introduction to the KCS methodology.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

Author: Tom Policano

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