5 Easy Steps to Maintain a Successful KCS Implementation

Watch the webinar and learn how you can maintain the momentum of your KCS journey

Our world keeps changing, new projects compete for attention and key staff move on. Before you know it, what once was a very successful Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) implementation starts to stumble and standards drop. So how can you maintain the momentum of your KCS journey?

Without the right products, processes and adoption strategies, maintaining a KCS strategy can be a giant loss of time and money with little resulting value.

Watch our 30-minute webinar and learn:

  • The logical transition to KCS and ways to sustain its methodology
  • How to gain management buy-in for a long-term KCS initiative
  • The importance of KCS coaches and how they play an important role in KCS adoption

In addition, Michelle Stumpf, KCS Program Manager & Certified KCS Trainer at Upland Software will provide real-world examples of how forward-thinking companies have implemented the KCS methodology resulting in improved user satisfaction, reduced first-call rates, and increased ROI.

RightAnswers by Upland Software is the first KCS Verified V6 solution. And we are also certified to provide Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) training and certification to clients and to other knowledge professionals. For more information, visit: https://uplandsoftware.com/rightanswers/rightanswers-resources/training/


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