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Supply chain manufacturing quality and compliance control with Upland Ultriva

Enhance manufacturing quality and compliance control with complete tracking, resolution, and reporting of any nonconformance in your production process.

Upland Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System is designed to specifically meet the rigorous quality standards of manufacturing firms operating in highly regulated environments.

Stop blindly committing to unnecessary risk.

Don’t get caught up in endless back and forth on corrective action and preventative action plans.

Hold your supply chain partners to the highest quality standards.

With Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System, you get:

Complete tracking, resolution, and reporting for quality control: Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System enables any nonconformity to be identified and resolved in a workflow-controlled process. This can happen whether the nonconformance is identified at the supplier, during material receiving  or component inspection, s supplier audits, in-process production, or at the customer.

Real-time collaboration and execution between suppliers and customers: Issues are quickly categorized so everyone can get started on a corrective action plan. Affected lots can be quarantined, timelines for resolution can be set, and exception alerts can be generated. Every supply chain partner can then conveniently collaborate in real-time in one central system.

Detailed reporting for supply chain risk, governance, and compliance: Easily customize supplier quality ratings and dashboard displays based on what’s important to your operation. Maintain full control of all Nonconformity, Corrective Action & Preventative Action history in a secure cloud-based environment for regulatory compliance. Metrics from quality infractions are then automatically fed into a supplier rating in combination with delivery, fill rate and other KPIs. These ratings are then used to evaluate suppliers on a regular basis.

The Ultriva Supplier Quality Management System is part of the Ultriva Lean Execution Suite, which offers end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution for manufacturers.

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