Data Sheet

Protect your data with AccuRoute Content Monitor

These days, data security and compliance are more critical than ever.

AccuRoute Content Monitor searches documents for flagged terms to prevent data loss or transmission to unintended recipients.

AccuRoute Content Monitor allows organizations to easily monitor documents traveling through their enterprise for sensitive or confidential information. By using specific rule sets, AccuRoute Content Monitor can execute workflows based on the information it finds to protect sensitive information from leaving the organization—or at a minimum, the ability to trace that information.

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Benefits of AccuRoute Content Monitor

  • Protect sensitive organizational, customer, and vendor data
  • Facilitate data loss detection and prevention
  • Prevent both intentional and unintentional data leaks
  • Reduce time spent hunting for data or correcting errors
  • Perform secure scans to detect data loss
In today’s business climate, data security and compliance are more critical than ever. The almost daily reveal of significant security breaches around the globe coupled with the ever-growing instances of compliance and regulatory requirements, are driving more stringent security requirements of technologies that handle sensitive information.

Shawn Freligh
EVP and General Manager, Upland Software

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