Building a Level 3 Strategic Seller – and Strategic Sales Force

Explore the different levels of sales expertise and what good looks like.

Most tenured salespeople think of themselves as strategic sellers, but do they really have the skills? The real judge and jury is the customer. Are you perceived as a professional seller vs. those you compete with? The harsh reality is that you are comparing, whether you like it or not? This episode will explore the different levels of sales expertise and what good looks like.

About our guest:

Jay Shephard has spent his entire professional career transforming sales organizations and moving sales metrics for the Sales Executives he works for. His passion is leading sales force effectiveness through sales enablement strategy building, sales metrics, design, customized sales and sales management training.

He has 20 years of sales and sales management experience in strategic software and services, sales, earning multiple sales honors and recognition from clients all across the globe. As a Sales Enablement Leader, he continues to use this experience in the designing & leading of Global Sales Productivity initiatives, building and managing delivery teams further gaining vital knowledge of what it takes to consistently succeed and how to avoid failure.

April 17, 2019