K-12 Districts Rising to the Challenge of the Digital Era

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Taking your K-12 document management processes digital is long overdue.

For many industries, the past few years have been challenging as we have transitioned to a remote-hybrid workforce. But for educators and administrators specifically, taking on a remote-learning climate has complicated the post-2020 challenge. On top of serving students and their families, educators have had to quickly pivot to find ways to keep “business as usual” processes going while campuses and facilities were shut down. Staff who are working remotely had a whole new laundry list of items to consider just to get through their to-dos each day. For many districts, these same challenges are present a year down the line.

How have you and your colleagues fared over the past few years? What sort of automated practices does your district already have in place for back-office work? Overall, have certain tasks being hindered by outdated manual ways of doing things? How could reliable digital technology help you achieve more of the important work you do as we move forward?

There’s no question that districts that have digital processes in place are going to be better prepared in our digital era. So why not rise to the challenge?

Automating processes around important tasks such as student enrollment and records, personnel documentation and training, resource requests, and vendor management gives your district flexibility. Work that sometimes may take days, or even weeks, can be reduced to hours. Not only that, but tasks that have been digitized can be performed automatically and accessed from anywhere.

Here are a few smart ways you can put automated technology into place:

  • Personal Activity Reports (PARs) for certified employees paid with Federal Title I funds
  • Vendor and employee contracting
  • Personnel Action Forms (PAFs)
  • Transcript requests
  • Invoice approvals
  • On-boarding/off-boarding
  • Student safety and anti-bullying/harassment alerts

Transforming processes at your district allows you to focus on what really matters – providing students and their families with the best services and resources possible. When district staff has less on their plate, they are empowered to focus more of their time on providing students, families, and the community at large with more high-value outcomes.

There‘s no going back to our old business climate, but these changes can give us an excellent opportunity to grow. As you prepare for the next academic year, now is the time to focus on the many ways that a comprehensive Digital Transformation strategy can help your district to streamline your internal processes. That way, next year your staff will have the distinct advantage of more time and more reliable processes. And in the end, that means more time to spend on academic planning and student achievement.

We want to help you to change and conquer new challenges by aligning processes to meet the technological needs demanded by the future workforce.

Ready to learn more? Reach out today to learn how FileBound can help your district modernize document processing and get back focusing to students.

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