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Nobody really knows what the future holds. Meteorologists’ reports are constantly at odds with what we can see outside our windows, the horoscope section of the newspaper is generally more fiction than fact, and while crystal balls might be a bold move in terms of interior decoration, they probably won’t tell you anything substantive about the stock market. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if you could be a step ahead? At a contact center, where it’s important to provide excellent service to your customers, having some context before going into a call can make a world of difference in understanding your customers’ needs. A great way to get this kind of insight is by using InGenius with Preview Dialer for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE). While it might not be able to predict if a call will end successfully, the Preview Dialer does give agents information about their prospects, allowing them to make meaningful connections with more people – resulting in more business!

Here are a few ways a preview dialer can help your contact center increase the success of your outbound call campaigns.

  1. More information means context is available

A preview dialer ensures that agents can read up on past interactions with a prospect before deciding to place the call. When a preview call is pushed to an agent, InGenius will pop the Salesforce record that matches the phone number. Insight like this means that agents can immediately begin a conversation that’s specific to their needs, leading to more productive interactions.

  1. Agents can quickly dial through a campaign

Agents don’t need to think about which call to place next as they’re automatically presented with calls routed from prioritized campaigns. Agents simply click-to-call after they’ve prepared for the conversation.

  1. Creates optimal conditions for calls

Agents have control of the dialing process, allowing them to defer calling a prospect if the previewed information shown in the Salesforce screen indicates that the conditions aren’t right for a call. By ensuring calls are made when the agent is properly equipped and when the prospect is available, a preview dialer facilitates positive communication.

It’s crucial that supervisors find ways to provide agents with the tools they need to be as proactive and informed as possible in their interactions. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that well prepared agents who control the dialing process using a preview dialer will perform better on calls.

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