Build vs. Buy CTI: Future-Proofing your Investment

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Build vs. BuyWhen you’re thinking about making a software purchase, there’s a question that will often arise – should I just make this myself? If you’re looking at a simple project and there are viable solutions for sale, the risks and costs of you not exactly replicating these solutions are minimal. What’s the worst that could happen if your app turns out differently? However, when you’re making an enterprise software purchase, like a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution, the decision isn’t as easy.

If you’re looking at CTI, you of course need the connector to be compatible with your telephony system and CRM, but you also need it to have the right features that make your employees more productive. You need a solution that makes it simple for your agents to find caller information, easily transfer calls between departments, and save data – all at lightning speed.

One of the biggest attractions of building your own solution is the ability to customize. After all, who could understand your company’s needs better than your own employees? With a team already on the payroll who is sure “we could build that” with no external costs, staying in-house is an attractive option.

So why does anyone buy?

Integrating two systems is no easy task. It requires creating one solution that speaks to your telephony system and CRM platform, reliably and securely. Even if your own teams can build you a solution that does everything you currently need it to, they’ll also need the bandwidth to maintain and develop it as time goes on. It’s said that 70% of software costs occur after implementation (InfoWorld). That’s an ongoing investment of resources that could be better devoted to your own products.

It may also be important to you that the solution gets feature updates, that there’s 24/7 support available, and that the system can be implemented without making you pull out your hair. This is where an established CTI solution really shines.

What if there were a solution that could give you all of these things with a simple installation?

InGenius Connector Enterprise was designed to make it simple for you to integrate your telephony and CRM systems, and to be even easier to use. We’ve used our CTI expertise to make sure we address as many scenarios as possible right out-of-the-box, with settings you can change without IT help. Our screen pop gives your agents caller info before the customer conversation starts, while the CRM screen transfer makes it easy for different agents to pick up customer issues in progress and avoid going back to square one.  It’s features like these that help InGenius customers reduce their call times by an average of 1 minute or more.

InGenius has a lock on CTI maintenance and development for you too. You have access to our dedicated customer support team as often as you need. We’re also closely aligned with all of our telephony partners and supported CRMs, so our teams can update our solution in step with their product roadmaps, at no extra cost to you.

We’re 100% focused on computer telephony integration, so you don’t have to be. Connect with us for more information.

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