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My first sales job was at a contact center in the early 2000s. I worked on a large team, with high targets and a company-mandated script. I was expected to call over 100 people each day and to throw my pitch to as many people as would listen, trying to get as many to stick as possible. I had to manually enter all my information into my CRM, and I was held accountable for maintaining short wrap up times and getting customers through a call to a sales exec as soon as possible.

Sound familiar? I’m willing to bet if you worked in sales for any length of time, you’ve seen this modus operandi in action. It’s a familiar model because it worked across many sectors at the time.

Contact centers have changed a lot in the last 15-20 years because our consumers have changed. We’re working with a dynamic and informed market that’s looking for a more human experience. We’ve shifted from needing to educate our buyers, to needing to cater to their unique issues, to discovering what problems our products can help solve and to fostering authentic relationships, all before we’ve even made a sale.

Differentiators are no longer the features of your product, but in the problems that it solves and how your teams choose to solve them. The bar for customer service is at an all-time high. It’s key that your teams, whether inbound or outbound, have the right tools to deliver a much more human experience to your customers in order to succeed in this educated technology-driven market.

Now, I find myself in a sales role again, but the experience is completely new. As a Sales Support Specialist at InGenius Software, I still spend a lot of time placing calls to potential customers, but my team knows it isn’t all about the number of calls I place. It’s also about using my time effectively to get to the bottom of our customers’ needs. This is also my first time using a computer telephony integration (CTI) product – our own InGenius Connector Enterprise. And honestly, using InGenius has made such a huge difference in my day-to-day.

As an innovator in CTI, the InGenius team likes to practice what we preach. We know that no one knows our customers better than they do themselves. Our flexible workflow integrations not only allow users to experience popular CTI features like screen pop, click-to-dial and automated call logging, but also allow them to customize InGenius to work with unique workflows within their Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Service Now environments. With our 25 years of CTI-focused experience and our solutions engineering team at the ready, agents have access to a solution that works exactly as they need it to, without having to limit or compromise any CRM workflow processes. InGenius provides 5-star rated telephony integration and our dedicated teams give our all, in order to ensure you as a consumer get exactly what you need from an integration solution.

When I think back to my previous call center days, scheduling a follow-up call with a client was an ordeal. I had to save my notes, navigate away from the prospects contact page to my personal calendar, find a day that made sense for me, book it, then navigate back to the CRM, reopen my notes field, add the date as a note and hope it all worked out.

Now, using an InGenius workflow specifically designed for my use case, I can be engaged on a call and take notes directly within the InGenius user interface, which lives inside my Salesforce window. From the same interface, I’m able to simply check a box to create a follow-up task 1 week, 2 weeks or a month out, depending on the feedback I’ve gotten directly from my customer. Upon ending my call, InGenius not only automatically logs the call details for me, but saves all my call notes and creates a follow-up task within Salesforce, adding it to my personal task queue and relating it back to the contact.

With unique workflows in place, agents can focus on delivering excellent customer experiences while InGenius takes care of the rest. In short, agents get to be human again and bring authenticity and genuine connection back into the contact center, which is guaranteed to improve productivity and improve a customer’s experience.

Using tools like InGenius to save time equals more time that you get to spend getting to know your customers, building trusted relationships and allowing your agents to be the human difference it takes to spell success in today’s market.

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