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At Your Service-Social Media-HeadsetAt last month’s Salesforce World Tour London, Mark Bloom, Senior Director of Strategy and Operations for the Salesforce Service Cloud, pointed out that customer experience is the single most important influence on brand loyalty. “All your good work can be completely destroyed through one poor service experience.” That’s a lot of pressure! Thankfully, InGenius is here to keep your customers coming back for seconds.

Let me tell you about our special today

InGenius helps call centers using Salesforce Service Cloud dramatically improve the customer experience by reducing the wait time and handle time for calls, and by eliminating the need for customers to repeat information. Screen pop, automatic call logging and click-to-dial are just some of the features of InGenius Connector Enterprise that enable a true 360-degree view of customer interactions.

How is it tasting so far?

If this sounds like what you’re looking and you want to sink your teeth into more details, we’ve just released a new video overview of telephony integration for Salesforce Service Cloud:


Can I interest you in our dessert menu?

Salesforce Omni-Channel is the topic du jour, and InGenius is serving up what you need. Like a cherry on top, we now integrate blended agent support with telephony directly into Omni-Channel as part of InGenius Connector Enterprise.

We take reservations

If you’re interested in learning more about how InGenius can help you deliver smarter, faster and more personalized service with Service Cloud, book a demo with us at

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