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InGenius has you covered with Open CTIIf you’re using InGenius with Salesforce, we’ve got you covered with Open CTI. Salesforce recently announced the upcoming retirement of the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Toolkit in their Spring ’17 release. Support for CTI adapters built with the Toolkit ended with Salesforce Spring ’15, and now this legacy technology is slated to be turned off altogether.

InGenius has been using Open CTI since 2012 and in fact, since the inception of Salesforce Open CTI, InGenius has been working closely with Salesforce to provide insight and feedback on the development of the technology. The retirement of the Toolkit has no impact to InGenius customers.

So why is Salesforce moving to Open CTI exclusively? It brings a ton of benefits to users of course! Open CTI is a JavaScript application programming interface (API). Before Open CTI was available, computer telephony integration applications often required desktop software. This made installation and updates a time-consuming task for organizations, and the solutions didn’t take advantage of what cloud architecture has to offer. With Open CTI, call control tools can be integrated directly into Salesforce without the need for a separate interface. It also allows CTI to work across multiple operating systems and browsers, rather than being tied to a specific technology.

If you’re not sure what your current CTI solution is using, Salesforce has instructions on how to check. In Salesforce Classic, go to Customize, then Call Center and then Call Centers. In Salesforce Lightning, go to Setup, then Feature Settings, then Call Center and finally Call Centers. If you see any call centers installed here that have 3.000 or 4.000 in the Version column, these are on the CTI Toolkit and will soon no longer work. CTI adapters that don’t have a version number here or don’t display in the Call Center setup are based on Open CTI, so you’ll be fine with these.

If you’re using a legacy CTI application that doesn’t support Open CTI, InGenius is offering an expedited transition program if you sign up before February 28. Contact us for details at

Rest assured InGenius will continue to provide the support and feature innovations you need to deliver world-class experiences to your prospects and customers. Our close relationship with the team at Salesforce keeps us aligned to their product roadmap so that as they release new functionality, we’re right there with them, including the latest and greatest in our CTI solution.

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