Introducing InGenius Connect, The Next Generation of CTI

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Late last year, InGenius launched the next evolution of computer telephony integration (CTI) – InGenius Connect. Built into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, InGenius Connect brings about a whole new CTI experience for administrators and agents.

Benefits of InGenius Connect:

  • Easier to deploy
  • Simpler to administer
  • Scalable without servers
  • Secure outside the firewall
  • Flexible and hybrid telephony options

Let’s dive a little deeper into each of the benefits of InGenius Connect, as well as who is a good fit for this product.

Easier to Deploy

A streamlined license management structure, and a cloud-based deployment within your Salesforce or Dynamics CRM means InGenius Connect is easier to deploy than any of our other products. In fact, we’ve helped customers switch from InGenius Connector Enterprise to InGenius Connect in a matter of hours! For existing InGenius customers, the upgrade from InGenius Connector Enterprise to InGenius Connect is seamless and users are able to start enjoying the new UI and other benefits of InGenius Connect right away. For new customers, getting started with CTI is faster than ever!

Ready to learn more? Speak to us about enabling InGenius Connect at your organization, or keep on reading for more information!

Simpler to Administer

Accessing InGenius Connect is more simple than ever before. Using CRM SSO, Administrators simply sign on to their Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and access the InGenius Admin console. From there, you can manage user permissions, create groups with related access privileges, and manage your CTI settings – such as reconfiguring speed dial buttons or updating call log templates. With the Admin UI directly in your CRM, you can use and manage InGenius CTI in the flow of work and without having to hop between multiple applications or browser windows.

Scalable Without Servers

Cloud-based telephony allows scaling without any on-premise servers at all. You are only limited by the scalability of the CRM and telephony providers themselves.

InGenius Connect Telephony Gateways have a handling capacity 4x that of InGenius Connector Enterprise servers, allowing businesses to CTI-enable more of their agents without additional infrastructure and resource management.

Secure Outside the Firewall

Since InGenius Connect is hosted from within the CRM, InGenius is fully integrated into the CRM security model. All communication is through secure protocols (TLS and HTTPS) and PII stays within your CRM environment. Agents using cloud-based telephony can handle calls safely and securely without having to worry about VPN connections.

Flexible and Hybrid Telephony Options

Whether you are running an on-premise business phone system or a cloud solution, have a single telephony provider or work with multiple, InGenius Connect has you covered. This ultra-flexible product is designed to run varied telephony from a single instance. As cloud adoption takes off, many customers are using InGenius Connect to trial new hosted solutions and slowly transition users from old to new, without causing disruptions or outages. Maintain your unique mix of telephony platforms that keep your business running while delivering a stellar agent experience.

The Next Generation of CTI is Here

InGenius Connect is an enterprise-grade computer telephony integration (CTI) product that gives customers the reliability, scalability, and security they need in a contact center solution. Using InGenius Connect means your call data is protected by the robust security of your CRM system, and your telephony gateway remains behind your organization’s firewall.

InGenius Connect is currently available for Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online customers running  Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Call Center Elite; Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Unified Contact Center Express, Unified Contact Center Enterprise, and Packaged Contact Center Enterprise; Genesys Cloud and Genesys Engage; or Twilio. Supported browsers are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

To find out if you are a good fit for InGenius Connect, and for more details on how to get started, contact us today by requesting a demo!

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