There Is No Try When it Comes to CTI

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Upland Admin

A  long time ago in a galaxy… well, right here, InGenius Software was created to meet an industry gap for computer telephony integration, also known as CTI. As a software developer, I’ve seen how hard all the employees work to make the best product they can. I work alongside amazing senior developers who always seem to have the answer to my problems. My Jedi Masters, if you will. They work hard to solve issues that arise and make InGenius Connector Enterprise a powerful product. They’ve continued to evolve the solution to meet the needs of the ever-changing contact center industry.

Much like Luke Skywalker doing lightsaber training, the InGenius developers have put in some intense effort. We ensure the product is flexible so that components can be modified to meet customers’ unique needs. Our aim to build a base product that everyone is happy with, but that can be extended when needed.

I also work alongside quality assurance, who ensure the product is the best version it can be. Basically, they’re the opposite of the Death Star engineers. They work tirelessly to prove that InGenius is secure. We have some QA members that have been here since the beginning of InGenius, who have established our organization as an expert in the CTI field. They know what customers are expecting of the product and use that expectation in their testing to make certain only the best survives.

Another group at InGenius is my colleagues who work to create workflow integrations. These customer solution engineers do ongoing work with customers to build them exactly what fits their business processes and improves the experience for their users. I would perhaps liken them to R2-D2 and his life-saving tech talents, but combined with the better communication skills of C-3P0.

I can’t forget to mention my fellow employees in sales who work with enterprise customers to ensure we’re the right fit for them. Dare I call them the Lando Calrissian of the InGenius galaxy? Beloved smooth talkers who show up at all the right times you need assistance.

Then, of course, we have customer support. they make sure everything is running as smoothly as a starfighter. I’m going to call them our Obi-Wan Kenobi – the guiding force that can appear whenever you need help.

Working at InGenius, I can see everyone is passionate about what they do, and they always put their best foot forward to make the company who we are today, with a product that’s the best this side of Tatooine.

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