Financial services professionals handle hundreds – or thousands – of sensitive documents and urgent communications requests every day.

Yet even in the tech-reliant finance industry, staff often manually work with customer information, which can mean millions in damages due to human error or a data security breach. With InterFAX, you can rest easy knowing our secure and compliant fax-based communication infrastructure is helping you to meet regulatory guidelines and ensure that sensitive customer data is intact and accessible only to authorized users.

  • Secure Data

    We meet stringent global compliance standards like the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act to ensure data security, and are the first cloud fax provider to earn a Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation. Learn More »

  • Reduced IT Maintenance

    Alleviate your IT burden. InterFAX requires little to no maintenance and can be set up with no implementation or communications downtime.

  • Increase Productivity

    Roll out automated processes to alleviate previously tedious manual processing steps, so staff can get their job done faster and with less hassle.

  • No Hardware

    Reduce your bottom line by consolidating fax infrastructure, using Fax over IP technology that enables least-cost routing.

  • Integrated Fax APIs

    We provide an integrated and secure fax platform for your IT infrastructure and business processes with services available through the InterFAX API or SFTP. Learn More »

  • Web Interface

    Gain access anywhere instantly through the InterFAX Control Panel (CP), a secure cloud faxing service that is accessible worldwide via the web.

Upland Faxing for the Financial Services Industry

Upland’s secure and compliant communications solution is transforming the fax landscape, by providing a centralized cloud-based and on-premise fax infrastructure in an enterprise-class solution. Learn how our resilient, scalable fax solutions help financial services professionals dramatically reduce overhead and maintenance costs while enhancing document-intensive business processes and improving employee productivity.

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Monthly Subscription Plans

Take advantage of InterFAX’s secure cloud faxing service from anywhere with scalable pricing to fit the needs of your organization.

InterFAX is a global provider of cloud fax services with 12 data centers worldwide and growing, each adhering to a variety of relevant, location-dependent data sovereignty laws. All that is needed from the user is to find the InterFAX Login Page, sign in, and gain access to start sending faxes immediately. Take advantage of simple billing services by using a credit card or buy pre-paid credits and pay only for what you fax.

$9.95 / month

100 inbound pages

100 outbound pages

Local fax number included

No long-term contracts

No setup fee

$.09 per additional page


$22.95 / month

250 inbound pages

250 outbound pages

Local fax number included

No long-term contracts

No setup fee

$.09 per additional page


$42.95 / month

500 inbound pages

500 outbound pages

Local fax number included

No long-term contracts

No setup fee

$.08 per additional page


“It’s no longer acceptable to rely on yesterday’s time-consuming, inefficient processes to manage the large volume of communications we work with every day. With InterFAX, we have reliable solutions, superior support, and peace-of-mind knowing that our customer’s data is secure.”

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