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Meeting United States data residency requirements

We understand that security and privacy are of the highest priority, which is why we provide powerful security features and critical in-country data storage for our US-based customers. Learn more here.

Cloud-based technology is quickly transforming the way healthcare businesses in the US operate by driving the demand for more resilient and comprehensive cloud computing infrastructures. Data integrity is always a top priority, which means that seeking communications solutions that adhere to compliance mandates is critical to enhance the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services. Just like many other countries, US-based businesses must take data residency requirements into account as a requirement when considering cloud-based applications and infrastructure.

InterFAX, a leader in cloud-based digital transformation resources, has a long history of supporting regulatory requirements, data security, and data residency requirements in the countries in which we operate. Our Virginia-based data center provides critical in-country data storage for our US-based customers. Our approach to data security is fundamental and is the basis for providing a superior, enterprise-grade cloud experience. Providing customers with innovative, secure solutions is inherent in our corporate culture and acts as a key differentiator in our products.

For US companies looking to adopt digital transformation technologies, there are many considerations to consider to make sure all the bases are covered. Whatever cloud fax provider you choose, here are a few key areas that you will want to discuss before implementing new technology into your daily processes.

InterFAX Benefits

  • Data residency requirements
  • Integration capabilities via a flexible Developer API
  • Privacy
  • Data security
  • Data breach remediation and contingency plans
  • Data retention requirements
  • Compliance with data privacy laws like HIPAA and PCI DSS
  • Sensitivity of data—e.g. healthcare-specific or personally identifiable information (PII)

Read on to learn more about our global privacy standards and see how our cloud fax service could be the ideal technology to enhance secure, reliable communications at your practice.

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Data privacy is a big deal. And we take it seriously.

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