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Learn how InterFAX works for you.

With InterFAX, you can transmit documents at volume anywhere in the world while adhering to global data security standards.

Upland InterFAX is a high-capacity, reliable, and globally accessible online fax service that enables the transmission and reception of faxes from any web-connected application, with no installations.

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Online fax at a glance

Whether you need to enable faxing from one desktop or one thousand, InterFAX online fax is designed to adhere to your requirements. An unlimited number of users can be set up under one account, each with its required services and inbound or outbound queues. InterFAX is just as easy to install whether your business needs faxing capabilities from a single location,  a company campus, or multiple offices around the world.

You can easily transition from on-premise fax to fully hosted cloud fax quickly and smoothly and get immediate access to the robust capabilities your business demands.

Simple Pricing
InterFAX’s online fax service pricing is easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Fax transmission is entirely usage-based, which means clients only pay for successfully sent faxes. Fax reception is subscription-based and includes a generous allowance of included pages each month.

Reliability and Stability
InterFAX’s online fax service offers its clients better than 99.9% service uptime. The underlying system is deployed across two geographically-separate, highly specialized data centers, each of which has redundant internet access, mains supplies, and networking. In the case of an outage in the main data center, the secondary data center kicks in with no changes necessary by clients, ensuring continuous operation.

More benefits of cloud fax

• No installation
• Excellent rates
• No maintenance costs
• Fast adoption
• Scalability
• Cost control
• Privacy and security


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