Hospitality goes beyond offering your guests luxurious accommodations and stellar concierge recommendations.

Travel and hospitality bookings via fax, email, or web forms may contain unsecured credit card and other personal data. This means if there’s a data breach, your customer service has faltered and your profits and reputation are at stake – along with your guests’ data. Our resilient, PCI DSS-accredited cloud-based fax solution means you can receive and share all data safely within our reliable online repository.

Integrated Faxing / API

Take advantage of an integrated and secure fax platform for your IT infrastructure and business processes with services available through the InterFAX API or SFTP.

Web Interface

Gain access anywhere instantly through the InterFAX Control Panel (CP), a secure cloud faxing service that is accessible worldwide via the web.

Take advantage of InterFAX’s cloud faxing service from anywhere.

InterFAX is a global provider of cloud fax services with 12 data centers worldwide and growing, each adhering to a variety of relevant, location-dependent data sovereignty laws. All that is needed from the user is to find the InterFAX Login Page, sign in, and gain access to start sending faxes immediately.

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Secure Guest Data

All merchants accepting credit card payments online are required to comply with PCI DSS standards. We’ve achieved our Attestation of Compliance from an approved quality security assessor for the highest PCI DSS accreditation: Level 1.

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Reduced IT Maintenance

Reduce your IT burden. InterFAX requires little to no maintenance and can be set up with no implementation or communications downtime.

Pre-Paid Pricing Packages

Take advantage of simple billing services. Use a credit card or buy pre-paid credits and pay only for what you fax.

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