Why InterFAX

Enterprise-Class Cloud Fax Platform with Secure Document Distribution

InterFAX understands the importance of security for our clients. We are committed to delivering secure, cloud-based enterprise-grade faxes and documents while meeting rigorous industry compliance standards. That’s why we’ve always made security a strategic priority for our organization. From SSL/PKI encryption for incoming and outgoing faxes, our unique “Delete Fax After Completion” feature, to authentication via private and public key signatures, InterFAX is committed to offering secure services to our clients.

InterFAX is dedicated to meeting the world’s most stringent security and privacy regulations including US HIPAA requirements and maintaining  Japan’s Privacy Mark compliance standards. InterFAX is the first and only Internet fax company to offer a fully certified outbound and inbound fax service that is Level 1 PCI DSS Certified.

Convenience of Email

Send and receive faxes online via any email application. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! or any other email program, we support them all.  Faxing from email provides unmatched convenience, eliminating the need to invest in a fax machine to maintain, or having to leave your desk to check if a fax has arrived. When a fax is routed from our servers to your email address, you can filter, route, forward, print or delete them, just like regular email messages.

High Availability and Scalability

With hundreds of phone lines, robust data centers and fax servers spread over four continents, our email-to-fax service can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment. Senders never receive a busy signal and you never have to wait in line to send a fax again as it’s all at your fingertips.

Built in Security

Faxes arrive directly to the email boxes of users, ensuring privacy and minimizing the exposure of sensitive data as there are no forgotten copies on fax machines in your office. InterFAX also supports public key signature and encryption of inbound faxes. Faxes are all signed by InterFAX, assuring you that they have actually been received by us before being forwarded to you. InterFAX supports the most stringent regulations for data security and privacy.

Delivery Confirmation and Customization

InterFAX can send you a confirmation email based on a confirmation policy you select – upon success, failure or for all fax activity. You can also determine how fax transmission failures should be handled and the number of attempts to retry on a busy or no answer signal. InterFAX also allows you to customize your fax header to hide or display the transmission date and time, page number, total pages, sending machine identifier, receiving machine identifier or your own custom content.

Industry Leading Support

Our service includes top notch phone and email support in your local language. Our knowledgeable local support teams are at your service during local business hours and aim to resolve issues quickly.

Global Compliance

InterFAX is the first fully certified inbound and outbound PCI DSS service provider. We also adhere to the guidelines and compliance regulations set forth by Privacy Mark, HIPAA, GDPR and the Data Protection Act of 2006.

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