Capture Every Experience

We want to hear exactly what’s happened, when it’s happened… straight from the horse’s mouth.

Capture the moment

When it comes to feedback that you can truly act on, the more accurate, the better. So, we capture experiences as they happen. In fact, we can request feedback and receive responses within as little as four minutes.

So, open the floor to your customers and receive immediate insights, it’s win-win.

Webform Builder

Syncing your feedback program with your business.

We know that brand experience plays an important role throughout your entire customer journey — and your feedback journey is no different. Our webforms live and breathe your look and feel, bringing customer feedback closer to your brand.

When things change in your business, you want your feedback program to keep up — whether you need a logo change or want to ask additional questions — we’ve got you covered. With our self-serve capabilities, you can take control and make immediate changes to your webform.

Website Intercept

With the continuing rise of digital, online experience has never been more important. Target visitors with feedback requests to truly understand customer behavior and experience.

Capture emotion

Emotions don’t fit neatly into your predefined tick boxes, and answers to multiple choice questions can’t tell you something you didn’t know.

So, we let them share their views in their own way, whether that’s in their own words, in a picture, or even in an emoji.

Listening Posts

Rant & Rave’s Conversational Listening Posts allow your customers to initiate conversations with you, how and when they want to. A picture paints a thousand words, so why not let them share one, or perhaps an emoji if they’d prefer — we can do it all. Our Listening Posts work through SMS and QR code, so your door is always open.

Capture the cross-channel experience

Regardless of which channel your customers use, they deserve an engaging and consistent experience. In order for feedback to be effective, it must fit seamlessly into the customers’ world.

Allow them to share their voice through any channel, and receive higher response rates as a result.

Rant & Rave for Digital

Our digital offering enables you to capture feedback across all touchpoints of the customer journey. Whether it’s live chat or mobile apps, you are able to see a more holistic view of your customers and transform your program.

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