It’s Not All about What You Know, It’s about How You Share That Knowledge

Your employees require knowledge beyond just IT support. Upland’s Knowledge Management solution for HR provides a centralized repository for your organization’s collective knowledge. The solution enhances team collaboration and coordination which in turn enables you to attract and retain motivated, loyal, and committed talent.

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Streamline the Onboarding Process and Reduce Training Time

One of the biggest challenges in onboarding new employees is the lack of a knowledge-sharing culture. Knowledge Management for HR supports and encourages this collaboration. Combined with KCS® methodology and processes built in, Enterprise Knowledge Management by Upland can have a transformational impact on your organization. Out-of-the-box features such as interactive knowledge solutions drive engagement, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, quicker ramp-up times, and lower training costs.

Smarter Solutions for Human Resources

Upland’s knowledge management software is accessible by every member of your organization which enables all departments, like human resources, to contribute to the centralized knowledge base and deliver the right knowledge at the right time. Users can tap into natural language processing, advanced filters, federated search, AI-powered chatbots, and gamification that encourage all users to stay engaged and interact with each other.

Empowering Employees to Connect

Your employees want to be informed and communicate with each other. RightAnswers Community provides a central place for your teams to collaborate. Discussions form a “social intranet” that helps people connect and share knowledge. At their fingertips, employees have access to the knowledge they need that transforms the workplace into a knowledge-sharing culture.


RightAnswers Community: Putting Social into Self-Service

A community puts social into self-service. It’s a way to enhance the self-service experience by supplying a much larger pool of knowledge. In addition to searching a knowledgebase, you can get answers from an entire group of people who raise their hands to help.

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