Most Customers Today Want to Find Their Own Answers. Give Them the Power!

Upland’s RightAnswers self-service solution brings knowledge to your customers’ fingertips by delivering a customized brand experience along with the information your customers need to answer their questions. Totally configurable, the application integrates seamlessly with your support desk software, allowing users to search for answers before opening a ticket. The result is a reduction in unnecessary calls, allowing your support teams to focus on critical issues and end users to return can a productive state quickly.

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Ensure Your Customers Get Fast, Consistent Answers

The self-service portal delivers your customized brand experience along with the information your customers need to answer their questions. Totally configurable, you can decide to display information such as FAQs, Announcements, Favorites, and more to help customers quickly find the answers and to deliver an experience they will love.

Deliver a Great Customer Experience Whenever and Wherever It’s Needed

Knowledge Spotlight delivers knowledge to help your customers when and where they need it most—right in your own applications or on your existing sites. It provides online help in the context of what the customer is doing in your application or website, providing a superior customer experience.

Multichannel Flexibility for Multiple Audiences and Messages

Your customers are not one-size-fits-all, so you should give them more than one way of interacting with your support knowledge whether its live agents, web self-service, mobile self-service, social communities, or even chatbots. The Upland KM suite seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, so that your team can coordinate its multichannel responses in a single source.


Employee satisfaction is an important driver of productivity and profitability

After deploying RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub, Nestlé saved millions in internal IT support costs by shifting more than 90% of employee inquiries to self-service, resulting in improved overall employee experience and reducing inbound call volume to their internal IT Customer Care team.

Learn more about how Nestlé is using Upland’s RightAnswers Knowledge Management solution to improve its internal IT support.

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Customer Case Study: Nestle

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